3 things to consider before you install Poplight (or any wall light!)

3 things to consider before you install Poplight (or any wall light!)

Poplight installs and removes in seconds, so it’s easy to reapply Poplight as many times as you need. But taking a minute to think about how you plan to use Poplight, and how you use your space, can help you place Poplight perfectly the first time….and wow your friends with your incredible interior design skills.

🔥 Here are three *essential* things to consider when deciding where to install Poplight in your home 🔥

🤔 Are you installing Poplights to create a cozy ambiance in your living room, illuminate a dark hallway, or provide a reading light in your bedroom? Different areas in your home have different lighting needs, so try to match the purpose with the placement. 💯

Here’s a few common wall lighting functions and our ideal placement for each.


Ambient Lighting: For generally lighting up a room (which you already do, let’s be serious), consider installing wall lights at eye level or slightly above to spread the light evenly across the space. Placing Poplights mindfully around large furniture can reduce harsh shadows and create a warm, inviting glow. Cozy level ten unlocked. 🤗


Task Lighting: In areas like a reading nook or above a bathroom mirror, wall lights should be installed with a focus on functionality. Position them at eye level or slightly above to provide ample lighting for specific tasks without causing glare or shadows. 


Accent Lighting: To highlight your color organized bookshelf, your friend’s artwork, or an accent wall, install Poplight below or above the points of interest. Play around with how different placement emphasizes what you want to draw the eye to. Experiment. Be young. You are a literal genius and everything looks amazing in here. 💜

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