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What is Poplight?

Poplight is renter friendly wall lighting that installs (and removes) in ✨seconds✨. 

Here’s what we love about Poplight:

  • NO tools needed to install Poplight
  • It costs less than a quarter of the price of traditional wall sconces
  • It installs in seconds
  • Poplight is super renter friendly 

Check out our HOW TO page to see how Poplight works.

What do I need to install Poplight?


Poplight requires absolutely no tools or hardware to install! Everything you need to install Poplight is included.

If you're someone who loves to redecorate and plans to move Poplight around often, make sure to add extra double sided sticky tape to your order for just $3!

Check out our HOW TO page to see how Poplight works.

What's your return policy?

We want you to LOVE Poplight, but we get that your needs change 💕

We ask that you contact us about a return within 30 days of delivery to start the return process. You'll be responsible for the return label.

Why do I need Poplight?

Poplight is the 💡 ideal wall light💡 for those who want the convenience and look of wall lighting without the hassle, mess, or expense of installing traditional wall sconces.

If you rent your space: Poplight won't risk your security deposit and easily removes when it's time to move (plus you can re-install Poplight at your next place).

If you own your place: Poplight is easier and less expensive to install than traditional wall sconces. 💕

Where can I put my Poplights?

Poplight works on almost all finished wall surfaces.

Poplight is amazing for:

  • Bedrooms 🛏
  • Living rooms and shared spaces 🏡
  • Kid's rooms 👶
  • Entryways 🛋
  • Home offices 🖇
  • Vans/RVs 🚐
  • Closets 🚪
  • Garages 🔨
  • Anywhere else you need wall lighting!

How bright is Poplight?

Poplight is 3 watts or about 300 lumens. Check out this TikTok of Poplight at full brightness in a dark room.

Does Poplight use an LED?

Yes! Poplight uses an LED instead of a traditional light bulb.


LEDs are superior for energy efficiency, which means they are far better for our planet. 🌍 Plus, you won't be throwing burnt out light bulbs in landfills. 🗑

⚡️All you need to do is recharge your Poplight battery. No disposable batteries or old school light bulbs needed. 😎

How do I control my Poplights?

Poplight has an on/off and dimmer button on the bottom of the base.

And if you want the ease of adjusting Poplight without getting up - there's an app for that!

Poplight has its own app where you can:

  • Turn your Poplights on/off 💡
  • Adjust brightness 😎
  • Choose color warmth 🔥
  • Group Poplights together to control as one 🔗
  • Set a sleep timer 💤
  • Check the battery level of your Poplights 🔋
  • Personalize your Poplights by giving them names 👯 (ours are Bert and Ernie)

Does Poplight come in other styles?

⚡️ IT WILL! ⚡️

Our first Poplight is the elbow light you see here. There are many new styles coming your way! Have a suggestion, drop us a line here.

What are Poplight's dimensions?

Height: 11 inches (283mm)

Width: 5.3 inches (136mm)

Depth: 7.9 inches (200 mm)

How is Poplight powered?

Single-use batteries are for suckers.

Poplight is USB-C rechargeable so it’s more convenient for you and better for the planet. 🌏


  • Poplight doesn't need to be installed near an outlet!
  • The battery pack is removable so you can charge it where and when it's convenient for you. 💅
  • You can leave it plugged in if you like the look of wired wall lighting and have an outlet nearby 🔌


  • Can't think of any 🤷‍♀️

How long does the battery last?

Poplight will run for 5-9 hours depending on how bright you set your Poplights. 😎

Most folks use wall lighting for ✨ ambience and the full brightness is likely not necessary at all times. Using the Poplight app to set a timer or managing the dimness of your Poplight will prolong the battery life for daily use.

How long does it take to charge the Poplight battery?

The Poplight battery take about 4 hours to fully charge.

Why so long? We wanted to provide a long battery life, so Poplight needs a little extra time to juice.