We're Caroline and Rose

The idea for Poplight came to us when we moved into our first home together. We wanted gorgeous, modern wall lighting that would make our space beautiful and fit our budget. But we quickly learned that traditional wall sconces wouldn’t work for us. 


  1. They’re expensive. Wall sconces are hundreds of dollars each.
  2. They’re a hassle to install. You need a contractor do the electrical work, including punching holes in your wall (and that’s if installing wall lighting doesn’t break your lease and cost you your security deposit.)
  3. You’re stuck with them. Traditional wall lighting is permanent so, if you move apartments or even just want to try a new light design, you’ll need to start the process all over again.

We couldn’t believe these were our only options.

That's when we had our 💡 lightbulb 💡 moment.

Poplight allows anyone to install wall lighting in seconds. Plus, we’ll be introducing new designs that attach to the universal base, so you can swap out different styles in seconds. And when it’s time to move, Poplight easily removes from your wall and moves with you.

Questions? Feedback? Reach out here.

Thank you for pre-ordering Poplight. We are hard at work revolutionizing wall lighting, and your early support is lighting up our lives. 💡