How it all started

How it all started

📖 This is the story about how two people who love to make their home beautiful and cozy ended up designing and patenting a wall light that's made for everyone.

Here goes...

✨ When Caroline and Rose (hi!!) first moved in together in Denver, Colorado, our bedroom could only fit a queen mattress and a dresser. There was barely any room for bedside tables. As avid night time readers, we were forced to share one table lamp that barely fit on Caroline's side of the bed. We would argue over getting enough light to read, and quickly learned this wouldn't work. And as you know, using the overhead light to relax into sleep is impossible. IMPOSSIBLE. 

We're pretty handy, so we thought we'd spend an afternoon installing wired wall sconces in our bedroom. Here's where it all went wrong:

  1. The style of wall sconces we liked were REALLY expensive. (Champagne taste on a Miller Light budget amiright.)
  2. Running wiring through the wall to where we wanted the lights was not an afternoon project. It was a huge, messy ordeal that was going to take way more than one Sunday afternoon. We could hire an electrician, but we knew that would cost at least $500 a light.💀
  3. We knew we were moving at the end of the year (ahem we need more space) and we knew we'd have to remove any traditional wall sconces we installed AND patch the walls to repair them. This made the whole project even more unaffordable.

So we looked for another option.

And there weren't really any that fit our style.

Because we can't just put any old light in our room. ❗️We care deeply about how our home feels to us, and we couldn't just use something functional, it also had to be cute!

💡 And that's when we had our light bulb moment. 

What if we created a stick on wall light that installs without tools and doesn't damage your wall? AND of course comes in fun styles and colors?? 😎

That's how it all started. Just one couple that needed a better wall lighting option.

So we started working on the designs and making our idea a reality. We went through many iterations before we settled on Poplight's patented design.

In February of 2023 we launched a super successful Kickstarter campaign and raised over $175,000 from backers who needed better lighting options, too!

Since then, we've been featured in Apartment Therapy, The Wall Street Journal, Real Homes, NBC, Design Milk, and Hypebeast. Plus we've gone multi viral on TikTok. Hello fellow kids 👋

We can't wait to get Poplight to you! We LOVE and APPRECIATE you for (reading this far) being a part of Poplight. 


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