🚚 Why Poplight is a moving essential


That's big news!

But let's not sugar coat it. Moving is hard. The stress of apartment hunting, the packing, the logistics, the joyless fridge cleaning. And on top of all that, it's expensive. BUT, there's one essential item that moves easily with you and instantly brightens up your new space when you get there. 🤗 

Whether you're moving a few blocks or moving across country, Poplight is the perfect moving essential for your new place. 

Poplight: A Must-Have Piece on Your Moving Checklist

Why is Poplight an essential for every apartment dweller from Brooklyn to Spokane?

Because Poplight is designed for renters and people that move often.

Unlike traditional wired wall sconces which can costs hundreds of dollars to install, Poplight is designed to install in seconds without any tools or wiring. That means you can skip the expensive electrician and install Poplight yourself. 

Here's a few other things we love that make Poplight a moving essential:

💥 All you need to reinstall Poplight is fresh tape. Just throw in a 6 pack of extra sticky tape with your order, and you'll be able to reinstall Poplight with every new move (or whenever you feel like redecorating). 

💥 Poplight is designed to install in seconds without any tools. Here's a quick video showing how Poplight installs in seconds without damaging you wall.

💥 Everything you need to install and power Poplight is included. Each Poplight comes with a color matching battery pack and charging cable, plus 2 pieces of sticky tape for your first Poplight install. 

💥 Poplight won't damage your wall, so you don't risk your security deposit. 

💥 You don't need to worry about staying near an outlet. Poplight's battery pack pops out so you can recharge wherever you do have an outlet. Or, if you have an outlet nearby, using the included charging cable to recharge your Poplights. You can also leave Poplight plugged in! 

Because Poplight only requires 2 pieces of sticky tape to install, a 6 pack of tape will last you three additional installations. 

Here's a short video showing how Poplight removes from your wall in seconds without any damage. 

And the big takeaway

Because Poplight costs less than installing traditional wired wall sconces and is designed to remove and install in seconds without tools or damage, that means you can take Poplight with you from one apartment to the next. 🚚

Unlike floor lamps that take up valuable space in your new place, Poplight adds the ambiance of wall lighting and the functionality of a smart light while taking up a quarter of the space of a clunky floor lamp. 

Poplight is more than just a wall light – she's an essential companion for apartment living. Poplight will move and grow with you as you switch up your space, all without risking your security deposit or getting in the way of your style. 

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