Why teachers get 25% off Poplights

Why teachers get 25% off Poplights

We think teachers are superheroes. 

Caroline, one of our Poplight co-founders, comes from a family of educators. And she knows first hand that teachers go the extra mile every day. Sometimes the love and care teachers provide goes unnoticed, so we want to be sure we thank teachers with a discount of 25% off Poplights.

Why are we doing this?

We've heard from tons of educators all over the US who want to use Poplights in their classrooms.

Teachers have told us that the glaring overhead light in most school buildings gives them headaches, and effects their students' ability to concentrate, relax, and feel comfortable in their classrooms.

We think Poplight is an easy and colorful way to eliminate overhead lighting in classrooms during slower periods in the day when students might need a break from the big light. Because Poplight sticks on your wall, it won't require any complicated drilling or installation. Just install Poplights where you need them in your classroom. 

Plus, you can put Poplights at kid-eye level, too!

And we know teachers often get burdened with paying for classroom upgrades out of their own pockets. By offering 25% off to all K-12 and University teachers, we want to make it easier for teachers to make their classrooms more comfortable with better lighting. 

That's because we believe in wall lighting for everyone.


I'm an educator, how do I unlock my 25% discount?

On the cart page, upload your ID using the GovXID widget. 

You can find the GovXID widget on the cart page

Your 25% discount will be automatically applied once you complete the GovXID verification process.  

Email us at hello@thepoplight.com if you need any support unlocking your discount.

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