Why Poplight doesn't use a traditional light bulb - and a few other features!

👋 Meet Poplight, the modern wall light that transcends traditional bulbs. Say goodbye to frequent bulb replacements and high energy bills.

Poplight uses advanced LED technology, ensuring longevity, energy efficiency, and a positive impact on the environment. Here's what makes Poplight the perfect wall-mounted light for your space.

💖 Poplight uses an LED instead of a traditional light bulb, so you never need to replace Poplight's bulb. LEDs are incredibly energy efficient which saves you money and gives the environment a break. And because you don't need to throw away or purchase a new bulb for Poplight, this leads to less waste.

Here's some frequently asked questions that might help you 👇

💡 I want to change Poplight's color temperature

We knew you would!

Poplight has three built in color temperatures that you can toggle between using the Poplight app for iOS and Android. The available color temperatures are cool, neutral, and warm. 

Did you know light temperature is measured using Kelvin? Poplight's color temperatures are between 3000 and 6000 Kelvin, which you can see a great visual example of below. 👇

Poplight's color temperature options 

☀️ I want to dim my Poplights

Ambiance. So crucial rn. 

You can dim your Poplights using the button on Poplight's base by simply pressing your finger lightly on the button and holding until you reach your preferred dimness setting. 

You can also dim one Poplight (or an entire group of Poplights) in just a click using the Poplight app.

💡 I want to install a smart bulb

You can use the Poplight app to get almost all of the same features a smart bulb would provide - without the added expense of buying a smart bulb!

Here's what the app can do! ✨

  • Name your Poplights and assign them colors so you know who's who
  • Group Poplights together so you can manage more than one at once (for example, group your two bedside Poplights together and dim them simultaneously!)
  • Dim, adjust the color temperature, and set a sleep timer for your Poplights using the app

💡 I want to change the light color

We hear you! We are working on adding light colors to Poplight so you can toggle between different colors using the app. 

Please drop your email at the bottom of this page so we can let you know when this feature is available!

💡 I want to integrate with Google Home or Alexa

We are working on adding integrations for both! Traditionally, setting up an integration with both of these products is really expensive and complex. However, we are scoping ways to add Home and Alexa integrations to future Poplight versions. 

Please drop your email at the bottom of this page so we can let you know when this feature is available!

Elevate your lighting game with Poplight – the contemporary, eco-friendly, and versatile wall-mounted light. Enjoy the benefits of LED technology, customizable settings, and smart functionality, all in one modern wall mounted light that's designed for everyone.

This is wall lighting for everyone 🌈