How to style wall lighting in every room

How to style wall lighting in every room

If you know us you know we believe #accentlighting will solve everyone’s problems. 🤗 

But in all seriousness, wall lighting is a simple and effective way to make your space more you. 

In this article, we'll check out some of the ways wall sconces can add ambiance and instant upgrade to any room in your space. 

The core thing to consider is the purpose of the room, the size and layout of the space, and your personal style preferences. But with Poplight, you can reinstall and redecorate to your heart's content, so go ahead and experiment with your favorite wall sconce set up.

Here are some tips on where to put a wall sconce in some of the spaces in your home or apartment:

  1. Entryway: A wall sconce in the entryway can create a warm and welcoming ambiance for guests. It can also provide additional light for safety and security. It's always nice not to walk into a dark house.
  2. Living room: Wall sconces can be used in the living room to create a cozy and intimate atmosphere. They can be installed on either side of a fireplace or TV, or used to highlight a piece of artwork. Voila. That's fancy.
  3. Dining room: A wall sconce in the dining room can provide ambient lighting for every awesome dinner party you host or just a cozy night in. It can be installed above a sideboard or alongside your tableor any art work you hang in your dining area.
  4. Bedroom: This is a primo spot for sconces! Wall sconces can be used in the bedroom to provide task lighting for reading or working, or to create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere while you get ready to get your beauty rest. Wall sconces can be installed on either side of the bed, or above a dressing table or vanity.
  5. Bathroom: Wall sconces in the bathroom can provide task lighting for all your viral #grwm content (or just the morning rush to get ready), as well as ambient lighting for a spa-like atmosphere. They can be installed on either side of a mirror or above the vanity.

This is just a list of suggestions! Like we said, Poplight lets you test your favorite placement of wall sconces because unlike traditional wall sconces, Poplight installs in seconds without any tools or damage. 

Either way, it's your space so decorate it to your preference! Wall lighting will take your decor to the next level! 😎

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