Battery operated wall sconces are ideal for renters. Checkout Marigold Poplight!

Why battery operated wall sconces like Poplight are ideal for renters

We all want our spaces to be beautiful and Instagram worthy.

One of the ways you can level up your space is by adding wall sconces and non-overhead lighting, but for renters, the traditional wired wall sconce options can be restrictive. This post will walk you through why battery-operated wall sconces, especially USB-C rechargeable ones like Poplight, are the top choice for renters. In this guide, we'll delve into the advantages of Poplight over traditional wired options, highlighting the pitfalls of old-school sconces and providing valuable insights for those seeking renter-friendly lighting solutions.💡

The Challenges of Renting and Traditional Wired Wall Sconces

Renting a place means you need to understand any restrictions imposed by your landlord in your lease agreement. Traditional wired wall sconces, while adding ambiance and functionality, come with their own set of challenges for renters.

  1. Lease Restrictions:

    • You might not be able to do anything to your walls: Landlords may restrict renters from making alterations, including putting holes in walls.
    • Security deposit risks: The installation process for old school wall sconces involves drilling and wiring. This might pose risks to your security deposit, making wired sconces off-limits for most renters.
  2. Wiring Challenges:

    • Complex installation: Wiring traditional wall sconces isn't straightforward, often requiring an electrician. This additional cost can be a significant deterrent for renters and can make your project cost over a thousand dollars.

Here's where Poplight comes in:

Easy DIY Installation:

Cost savings: Poplight is DIY-friendly, eliminating the need for professional installation. This can save a renter like you thousands in electrician fees and safeguards your security deposit from potential wall damage.

Install Poplight wherever: Poplight can be installed virtually anywhere, offering an ideal wall sconce option for the living room, bedroom, or any desired space. Since it requires no wiring, the possibilities are endless.

Want to be sure your wall is suited for Poplight? Email us a photo at and we'll let you know!

No Drilling, No Damage:

Poplight requires no drilling, ensuring damage-free wall lighting that goes unnoticed by landlords. The absence of tools in the installation process makes it a hassle-free experience for renters.

🙅‍♀️🛠 Did you know Poplight doesn't require ANY tools to install? We wanted to be sure Poplight was simple for everyone to use.

Redecorate Endlessly:

Battery-operated sconces like Poplight can be easily removed and reinstalled, so you can switch it up and redecorate whenever.

Moves With You to Your Next Place:

Because Poplight can be removed and reinstalled as many times as you'd like, you can take Poplight with you to your next apartment. 

USB-C Rechargeable and No Need to Stick Near an Outlet:

Poplight's removable battery pack adds flexibility, allowing installation anywhere without being restricted to outlets. This way, you can focus on getting wall lighting where ever you want it!

⚡️ Poplight's battery lasts 9 hours from a full charge.

Instantly Upgrade Your Space:

Poplight instantly upgrades your space by allowing you to add wall lighting in seconds.

✨Plus, Poplight has three built-in color temperatures so you can  adjust ambiance and coziness.

Say goodbye to dreary overhead lighting and hello to a warm and cozy atmosphere.

LED Technology:

Poplight uses an LED instead of an old school light bulb. LEDs are more energy efficient and never need replacement like traditional bulbs, providing hassle-free, long-lasting illumination.


Wired wall sconces are less than ideal for renters due to cost, complications in installing them, and most importantly the risks to your security deposit!

💖 We created Poplight because we wanted a better wall lighting option for renters.

Poplight is USB-C rechargeable, has a super easy DIY installation, damage-free application, and the flexibility to experiment and redecorate, making Poplight an awesome choice for renters who want to kiss the big light goodbye. 

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