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Sage Green

Sage Green

Renter friendly wall lighting

⏱ Installs in seconds without tools

🔌 USB-C rechargeable (no batteries!)

👉 Comes with everything you need! (Poplight, battery pack, 6' charging cable, and 1 pair of tape for your first installation!)

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Key Features

Easy Installation: Poplight installs in seconds, effortlessly making your space more beautiful.

Wall-Friendly: Say goodbye to wall damage; Poplight leaves your walls *pristine*.

Tool-Free Setup: No tools needed! Enjoy a stress-free installation experience.

Perfect for Renters: Poplight is renter-friendly, allowing you to add accent lighting without risking your security deposit.

USB-C Rechargeable: Poplight's removable USB-C rechargeable battery pack makes it easy to power Poplight without an outlet nearby. A fully charged Poplight lasts over 9 hours!

Moves with you: With its easy removal, take Poplight to your next place!

How bright is Poplight?

3 watts of brightness: (or about 300 lumens) perfect for accent lighting, night time reading, or adding ambiance to your favorite spaces.

Can I change Poplight's bulb?

Poplight uses an LED instead of a traditional light bulb (it's SO much more energy efficient), so there is no bulb to change. 🙅‍♀️

BUT you can use the free Poplight app for iOS and Android to unlock smart features:

  • Toggle between 3 built in color temperatures (warm, cool, and neutral)
  • Dim your Poplights
  • Name your Poplights (ie. 'Right Side of Bed' and 'Left Side of Bed')
  • Group your Poplights together so you can control your Poplights in one click
  • Check the battery level

How long does the battery last?

Poplight's USB-C rechargeable battery lasts 9 hours from a full charge!

You can also leave Poplight plugged in if you have an outlet nearby. And if you don't, you can easily pop out the battery pack and charge where you do.

What's included?

Everything you need to install Poplight in seconds!

✨ 1 Poplight base

✨ 1 Poplight light fixture

✨ 1 Poplight USB-C rechargeable battery pack

✨ 1 6 foot USB-C charging cord

✨ 1 pair of double-sided tape

What are Poplight's dimensions?

- Height: 11 inches (283mm)

- Width: 5.3 inches (136mm)

- Depth: 7.9 inches (200 mm)

What's Poplight made of?

Poplight is made with love, but here are some of the other ingredients:

The globe of Poplight is polycarbonate (not glass).

The arm of Poplight is metal.

The piece that sticks on your wall is ABS or high end consumer plastic.

What type of wall can I install Poplight on?

Cute and indoorsy. 😎

Poplight is designed for interior use only. We recommend cleaning your wall with isopropyl alcohol before installing Poplight if you want to ensure the most secure installation.

Here are the types of surfaces Poplight does great on!

  • Painted walls (brick, cement, drywall, or plaster!)
  • Finished wood
  • Tile (Poplight does great in a bathroom! 🛀 Although Poplight is not waterproof, she can get a little steamy. 🥵)
  • Glass
  • Metal

What's your return policy?

We want you to LOVE your Poplights! But if you change your mind, you'll have 30 days to process a return. You'll be responsible for the return label.

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