Make your bedroom dreamy with Poplight 😴

Make your bedroom dreamy with Poplight 😴

Picture this: your door opens to a dreamy, relaxing, inviting bedroom that you cannot wait to chill in. Wall lighting is key to making your bedroom relaxing and cozy. In this guide, we’ll walk through everything you need to know to install wall lighting in your bedroom. 

Why use Poplight in your bedroom? Poplight doesn’t require any wiring so you can install and remove Poplight in seconds. With Poplight, you can switch up your bedroom or take your Poplights with you to your next place without worrying about any damage to your wall. 

Choose your favorite Poplight color 🎨

Poplight currently comes in six different colors. You can browse them all here. Be sure you keep in mind the color of your walls or the vibe you are going for when you choose your Poplight color.

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Styling Poplight on your wall 😎

Once you've selected the Poplight color that sings to your heart, it's time to style them like a pro. The key here is balance – you don't want your wall lights to steal the show, but rather play a supporting role in enhancing your overall bedroom decor.

For a symmetrical and sophisticated look, consider placing wall lights on either side of your bed, ideally at about headboard level. This creates balanced and functional lighting for nighttime reading or catching up on your favorite shows before drifting into dreamland.

Alternatively, embrace a touch of drama by mounting wall lights slightly higher than usual, casting shadows and adding an unexpected flair to your space. This approach can work especially well if your bedroom boasts high ceilings or a bold, unconventional aesthetic.

Finding the Right Height ☝️

The key thing to keep in mind at this stage is creating the perfect lighting for how you use your bedroom. We want to ensure there’s optimal illumination for reading, working, or simply soaking in the ambiance. If you're blessed with exceptionally high ceilings, you can afford to play with this rule a bit. 

⚡️BONUS: You can use the Poplight app to manage your Poplights remotely. That means before you doze off you can dim your Poplights, set a timer, or simply shut them off without leaving your cozy bed. 

Layering Poplight with Other Lighting Elements 💡

Want to level up your bedroom lighting? Consider layering your lighting to create depth and dimension in your bedroom. 

Pair your Poplights with existing overhead lights to transform your bedroom into an oasis. By combining different lighting sources, you'll be crafting the ideal ambiance that can be adjusted according to your mood and needs.

Poplight is your go-to bedroom lighting.

By choosing the perfect Poplight color, styling your Poplights thoughtfully, finding the right height, and layering your Poplights with other lighting elements, you are all set to install Poplight in your bedroom and create the *ideal* lighting for your space.

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