Poplight vs Pucklight

There are lots of different ways to light up your space.

The big light (no, forever), floor lamps that take up valuable space, more vibe-y options like lava lamps or fairy lights, and even the oldest light in the book - candles. 

🤗 Here at team Poplight, we think wall lighting wins every time.

And we know there are lots of options for adding wall lighting to your space.

👉 But we love Poplight for it's easy, tool-free installation, damage free removal and installation, and the ability to endlessly switch up your space with Poplight. 

And we know before Poplight came to be (BPE - the Before Poplight Era) many wall lighting lovers were using puck lights to level up their lighting with a remote controlled option using the puck light hack.

☠️ What is the puck light hack?

Much like us here at Poplight, many folks know that wall lighting adds just the right ambiance to your space without the intense glare of overhead lighting. 

But renters and homeowners alike were stumped about how to install wall lighting without paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars for an electrician

That's because traditional wired wall sconces require wiring from your home's electrical system for power. 

😞 Unfortunately, if you drill a hole in your wall to install wired wall sconces there won't magically be a handy wire waiting for you on the other side. 

But us interior design lovers are clever. 

People quickly pioneered a way to glue a puck light where a light bulb would go in a wall sconce, drill the wired wall sconce into their wall, and use the puck light (instead of wired electricity) to light up the sconce.


But there's many downsides to this hack. 

1. You're still damaging your wall. A traditional wired wall sconce requires you to drill the mounting base of the fixture into your wall. If you rent, this could be a HUGE risk to getting your security deposit back. If you own, you're going to need to patch and then paint the wall should you ever want to decorate.

2. It's expensive. In the case of the puck light hack, you need the wall fixtures PLUS the puck light PLUS the materials for gluing and drilling. I don't know about you, but we don't want to add any costs to this.  

3. You're gunna need a lot of batteries. Puck lights require batteries, which means you're going to go through batteries faster than we can say 'ambiance.' AND batteries are just another cost to this hack.

4. It's time consuming. Don't get me wrong, we love crafting. But taking the afternoon to glue something on an expensive fixture then mount the wall sconces where you want them just takes time.  

5. Puck lights don't fit in every wall sconce. It's not guaranteed that the style of sconce you want will work for this hack. You deserve to get what you want. 😎

6. You can't redecorate. Once you drill your wall lights in your wall, that's kind of it (unless you're down to patch and paint the wall to cover the drill holes and take the time to reinstall your sconces). 

✨ Poplight is the better option

1. No tools needed and no damage to your wall. Not only does Poplight NOT require any tools for installation, but Poplight is designed to remove and install without leaving a mark. 

2. Everything you need to install wall lighting is included with Poplight.  Expensive wired wall lighting options require hours of setup and wiring OR you've got to fork over the money to pay someone hundreds or even a thousand bucks to do it. Not with Poplight. Each Poplight comes with everything you need to install wall lighting in seconds. 

3. Poplight is USB-C rechargeable. That means no batteries. EVER. You can leave Poplight plugged in if you like the look and have an outlet nearby, or rely on the 9 hours of battery life to keep your space cozy. PLUS the Poplight battery pops out of the base, so you never need to worry about staying near an outlet to recharge. 

4. Poplight installs in seconds. We are are not kidding about this. Simply stick the Poplight base on your wall using the built in level to get her *perfect*. Then swivel and click Poplight onto the base. DONE. Now go enjoy your weekend. 🏝

5. You can redecorate ENDLESSLY with Poplight. All you need is a new pair of tape and you can reinstall Poplight as many times as you need. You can throw in an extra 6 pack of tape for just $3 with your order

🙌🏻 We created Poplight because we think everyone should be able to install wall lighting without paying a fortune, damaging their walls, or risking their security deposit. 

You can shop Poplights here if you're ready to level up your lighting without hacking anything. 


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